Cervical Cancer Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

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The recent news of Poonam Pandy’s (Indian model) death due to cervical CancerCancer has brought attention to the unawareness of this CancerCancer. Do you know cervical Cancer is the only Cancer a vaccine can prevent? HPV Vaccine protects you against genital warts and prevents Cancer.

You won’t believe over 20,000 people are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year. It is the most common cancer that occurs in the cells of the cervix (a part of the uterus where a baby grows at the time of pregnancy). However, the initial stages of cervical cancer are hard to detect. You experience the symptoms only after the Cancer has spread.

Cervical Cancer develops when healthy cells in the cervix section undergo genetic mutation. Sometimes, these mutations cause cells to grow differently, forming a tumor. Over the years, these cells go deeper into tissue and spread to the body.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

The initial stages of cervical cancer can’t be detected; therefore, it is suggested that one should go for regular screening for early detection and treatment. However, when symptoms do occur, they may include: 

  • Heavy Vaginal Bleeding: Heavy bleeding after periods or after menopause. 
  • Blood in Urine: Sometimes, urinating is difficult due to pain. Some people have shown signs of blood in urine, resulting in cervical cancer. 
  • Pain during Intercourse: Pain experienced during intercourse shows the signs of cervical cancer. 
  • Swelling in legs and pain in the abdomen: People diagnosed with cervical cancer have described these signs. 

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How Can Cervical Cancer Be Treated?

This severe disease can be treated in several ways, depending on the stage and its spread. 

Oncologist: A doctor who is an expert in treating the female reproductive system can perform surgery and even recommend chemotherapy and other medicines. 

Doctors: Doctors can remove cancer tissue during an operation. 

HPV and Pap Test Results: Know about HPV and Pap test results and take further steps if the result is negative. HPV Vaccine protects you against CancerCancer of the vagina, penis, or vulva. 

Choosing the proper treatment for you might sound daunting. Therefore, consult your doctor about the negative signs you are experiencing and ask about the proper treatment options available. 

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