Do You Know What Happens In Men and Women During Sex?

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We as humans enjoy sexual activities as it gives us pleasure and satisfaction. The basics of sexual intercourse are known to all, but irrespective of how good you are in bed and how much your partner enjoys your sexual activities, the risks involved in this whole activity can never be ignored.

Sometimes, you have a satisfying sex life, but at some point, you might wonder about the side effects of sex, too. Let’s discuss some everyday things that men and women experience separately.

Effects of Sex in Men

While there are chances you experience any of these things immediately after Sex, some might occur after a certain period. So, without any hesitation, let’s talk about them. 

1. Soreness in Penis

It is expected to experience a little pain after ejaculation. However, this pain goes away after a while. If this pain persists, it might be an indication of severe health problems like infection in the testes, urethra, or prostate. In some cases, it has also been observed that pain sensation can occur if the ejaculation is done with a lot of force. 

2. You Can’t Pee

You might feel like peeing soon after cumming, but when you go to the washroom to pee, you might feel that your renal tubules are clogged. The sphincter muscle is closely located in the bladder, and this muscle constricts during the flow of semen through the ejaculation duct. So, when you want to pee again after sex, this muscle takes time to relax. You have to be patient and not force, as it can cause damage to your sex organs.

3. Shrinking Penis

Right after having sex, no man can get a hard penis physiologically. The nerves require adequate time to regain their ability to function. This time is known as the refractory period. The time of the refractory period varies with age. 

4. Sleepy Feeling

During sexual intercourse and especially during orgasm, there’s an increase in the blood flow in the right ventricle of the brain. On the other hand, the left ventricle remains less active because of less blood reaching there. As this part of the brain is responsible for decision-making, you feel drowsy and fall asleep soon after having sex.

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Effects of Sex in Women

What do you think is Sex painful for women? Just like men, women experience certain things after sex. Let’s know what could be the complexities.

1. Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections, popularly known as UTIs, can be caused by vaginal sexual intercourse. While the penis penetrates through the vaginal wall, it creates frictional force, due to which bacterias easily enter the urethra and eventually get to the bladder to cause UTIs. They can be cured, but prevention is better than cure. So follow preventive measures like – peeing before having sex and never having anal sex before vaginal sex.

2. Producing A Whole Lot of Fluids

One of the most natural things experienced by women is producing a lot of body fluid during squirting or while they cum. Don’t get stressed or anxious about this. The body fluid produced during female ejaculation is very different from the lubricating fluid that is produced when your body receives sexual stimulation. The ejaculatory fluid that is released in the climax is primarily composed of Prostate plasma and a little bit of urine. So, there is nothing to worry about whether your body produces a little or a lot of this fluid.

3. Varting

If you have ever experienced a gush of air coming out of your vagina while having sex, it is called varting, as this air release sounds like a fart. It occurs due to vigorous thrusting by the penis. You can choose to have gentler sex if you want to avoid varting.

4. Tired Feeling

When you experience female ejaculation, your body releases chemical substances, like prolactin and vasopressin, that reduce stress and relax the body. So, you will not be able to muster the energy to do some strenuous work right after having sex. You might feel sleepy because of this.


The risk factor is always there irrespective of what we do, but you cannot back out from that activity due to the potential risks. The same thing goes for sexual activities. So, it is better to enjoy sexual activities with your partner and take all the precautions to stay safe. Also, make your close ones aware of these sex notions to improve their sex life.

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