Know-How to Increase Productivity With These 7 Relatable Tips!

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Everyone wants to be productive; everyone wants to get things done. But not everyone has it all. Especially since the COVID outbreak, we have been working from home. Juggling everything with little to no help, it has decreased our potential to be our best self. We are all tired of our mundane routines with nowhere to go and nothing new to do.

I am sure we all must have a ton of things to do, a lot of goals to accomplish, many things to tick off our checklists but don’t have it in ourselves to get it done. In all of these daily activities, we can blame the virus, but we know that it is here to stay for a while. Well, it is high time we push ourselves and get through it. While some are looking for ways on how to increase productivity, others are trying their level best to achieve their goals in less time.

We know that it will take quite a long time before things go back to our usual. But we cannot sit empty-handed till then. You have to get cracking and doing things. Even if nature takes time, you can analyze and turn it around in simple steps. Now, everyone says you do this, and you will achieve this. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to do it. You have to get things done. Only then will you get the desired results. Only then will you be able to increase your productivity.

Learn How to Increase Productivity With 6 Easy Ways

1. Make a Routine

Yes, we will start with the most basic one – make a routine. Not all our lives work the same, and it will not work according to a pattern. Then how will creating a practice help you? It will help you to be on the right track.

Things will go wrong, something unexpected will come up out of nowhere, and you won’t understand what to do about it. But if you have a routine, your necessary daily activities are sorted. And isn’t something better than nothing?

2. Exercise

Second, we will talk about workouts and how it will increase your productivity. Now, who likes to put their body through so much hard work and pain, right? But we also know that it is advisable and beneficial for our physical and mental health. 

No-one is telling you to put two hours of your 24-hours into a workout. But, you can, and you should remove some of that time into any physical activity. Be it Meditation, Yoga, Walking, Cycling, or anything. It will feel too much in the beginning, but once you make it a habit, it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. 

Check out this guide on how to motivate yourself and become a better version of yourself.

3. Create A List of Goals

Third, we will talk about our list of goals. We all have a dozen things to do and a lot to achieve. Whenever we think of anything, our mind immediately starts making a list of those things to do. Now it is said that we can only remember 20% of what we think and hear.

So how about starting by making a list whenever you think of anything? You can use Google Keep for making a list. It is a by-product of Google and can be used offline as well. And the most important thing, it is an automatic backup, so you don’t have to worry about it.

4. Prioritize Your Tasks

Now that you have created a list, let’s talk about prioritizing.

Yes, making a list is all cool, until you know that list isn’t a list anymore and keeps going on and on and on. You need to make some tasks a priority and do them first before other things. This will not only help you in deciding what should be the first preference but will also make you aware as to what needs to take precedence and what can take a back seat.

5. Manage Your Social Media

Now the most crucial aspect of our social life – Social Media.

We all spend a considerable amount of time scrolling on these Facebook feeds or IG Discover. And that is fine till your work and your life aren’t affected. Our work and lives revolve around social media, and it is tough to escape them. If you can, I have immense respect for you. It’s not like I cannot be away from it. But being a social media manager, I have to be on these platforms to see what works and what is trending. But that isn’t and shouldn’t be the case for everyone.

Facebook and Instagram both have an option for setting up reminders for how long you want to use the app, and you can be notified when that time is up. Now it will not stop you from using it, but it can make you aware of how long you have been on the app. When the time has been over, you can keep the phone down. It will not be 100% practical, but glass half full is still something. Spending less time on social media is not a difficult task, but it can be done if you want to do it.

6. Reduce Binge-Watch

Another critical part of our life, Binge-watching. Yes, not binge-eating but binge-watching.

We all are guilty of finishing shows at the speed of light. Here a season is out, and you will immediately sit to devour it, leaving all your work aside. Now trust me. I am a serial binge-watcher. But I had to stop this habit of mine as it cost me – personally and professionally.

I was behind on my work and other personal commitments. I am not saying I have stopped it entirely, but I have gotten the hang of it. I watch it at my own pace now and only when I have finished my other tasks. Try this out and see how it works for you.

7. Review Your Week

Set goals for yourself and review them. Start weekly and then move towards a monthly basis as you get comfortable with the routine. You don’t have to take a planner and make a proper sheet and document. Just open up your to-do list and see what’s done and what’s pending. And then segregate them based on their priority. It will make you rethink the tasks that you keep on postponing and make you realize the gravity of the same.

Take Away Thoughts

We all have the same 24-hours with us. Only people who make the most of it go a long way. All of the mentioned tips are highly relatable and can be practiced by anyone, infact should be followed by everyone.

You will not achieve the #ProductivityQueen or #ProductivityKing tag in a day, but you can start somewhere. Remember, Rome was not built in a Day. Everything takes time, and with these how to increase productivity tips, you can reach there too.

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5 thoughts on “Know-How to Increase Productivity With These 7 Relatable Tips!

  1. Yes I completely agree with all of these! Sticking to an exercise routine is so beneficial and my life changed for the better when I discovered yoga and implemented it everyday. Also writing down your goals for the day is great, gives you something to stick too and aim for. I love it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I totally agree! I binge-watch like crazy and ruin all my time! I need to stop procrastinating asap else I am gonna be doomed!These tips are pretty helpful!

  3. I totally agree! I have seen a significant improvement within myself after not binge-watching a new show on Netflix! I used to watch it hours a day, but in the last two months I watch two movies! This is a great article! Thanks for the share!

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