12 New Netflix Shows To the Rescue Coming Your Way! – 2022 (updated)

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Hello to the people who binge-watch and those who don’t, what is wrong with you guys? You need to hop on this binge-watching express right now because Netflix is getting its red carpet out for so many amazing and exciting new series. And with Netflix originals, this fall and winter season is going to be lit.

For the moment, if you are done with all the fancy Netflix series, then binge on these underrated Netflix shows that are interesting and could keep you hooked for long hours.

Whether it’s comedy, drama, thriller, romance, sentimental, or heartfelt, Netflix has something in store for all your moods. But so many options sometimes may leave you confused, and the time watching a great episode is wasted in the search for the next best thing.

So my advice is to sit back, relax, and let me tell you all about the latest and new Netflix shows that you can binge-watch anytime.

Get a cup of tea or a bag of popcorn or anything that you need for a cozy Netflix binge session. 

Meanwhile, if you have missed our earlier post on the best Netflix series of all time, then you should check-out that first. Here we go! Upcoming Netflix shows you need to add to the list right now.

New Netflix Shows That Are Worth to be Binge-Watched

1. The Queen’s Gambit

image source: Spoiler TV

This is the new Netflix show that I am most eager for. Based on the novel, The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis, the series follows the life of an orphaned chess prodigy Beth Harmon, her struggles with addiction, and her desire to become the best chess player in the world. Set in the old days of the cold war era, this highly anticipated drama series is surely going to turn your head towards the TV. Arrived on 23rd October, so quickly add it to your list.

2. Emily in Paris

image source: Netflix

Created by the makers of sex and the city, this show has got everybody talking. The story revolves around an American girl named Emily (played by Lily Collins),  who comes to work for a French company in Paris. It’s a series of drama and comedy as she tries to navigate between the Parisian and American cultural differences, new friendships, and love affairs.

It’s season one, and I binge-watched this in one night. If you are a lover of fashion and all things French, then you need to go for it right now. Eagerly awaiting season two which is rumored to release in 2021. This new Netflix show would be worth watching. 

3. The Haunting of Bly Manor

image source: The TeCake

It is a follow-up to Netflix’s must-see horror show called The Haunting of Hill House. Most of the cast remains the same, but the story is entirely different and based on the writings of Henry James. The Haunting of Hill House was terrifying, and this new series follows the same path but with a romantic twist to it.

Saying, that there are plenty of secrets and ghosts that are going to keep you awake at night. If you are a horror show lover and don’t get spooked easily then this one should be on your must-watch list. Also, if you are not scared of ghosts and spirits, then here are a few haunted places that you must visit with your folks.

4. The Crown (Season 4)

image source: Forbes

If you haven’t seen this one yet, then you need to go and stream this one right now. It is one of the most expensive shows ever made with a multi-million dollar budget. This show portrays the life of Queen Elizabeth II in the British Monarchy, from her wedding in 1947 until the early 21st century.

The cast, the writing, the sets, the costumes every single thing about this period drama is phenomenal. You can watch the previous three seasons available on Netflix till you wait for the fourth that is all set to release on November 15. The Crown is another one of the new Netflix shows and one piece of drama that you shouldn’t miss out on.

5. Love and Anarchy

image cource: dvdfever

It is Netflix’s second Swedish language series. If you like your romance with a sprinkle of comedy, then this show is for you. This new Netflix show follows Sofie, a career-driven consultant and a young IT tech named Max, and thus begins the unexpected flirting games.

Sofie and Max secretly challenge each other to do things that question society and its various norms. Tame at first, the games gradually take on a life of their own and become more daring. Season one is coming to your Netflix subscription on November 4, 2020. I can’t wait to watch this one, personally.

6. Start Up

image source: Netflix

If you are a K- drama fan, then here is a brand new Netflix show for you to binge-watch. This show follows the struggles of young entrepreneurs aspiring to launch virtual dreams into reality.

There is love, romance, and fierce competition to succeed in the cut-throat world of the high tech industry in Korea. A feel-good show with a happy ending, who doesn’t like that? Duh, I do. Being a Korean drama addict myself, I will probably watch this in one go.

7. Undercover (Season 2)

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, Narcos, or similar crime drama series, then you are in luck. It is the second season of the Belgian crime series that Netflix has brought to light.

A story about two undercover agents determined to blow up a drug racket in the most dangerous mission of their career. This 10 episode Netflix series is going to keep you gripped with exploding drug labs, execution in broad daylight, criminal chase, and all things that make a crime show awesome. 

8. A Suitable Boy

image source:TeluguStop

A much-awaited Indian Netflix series premiered on October 23 is said to have a beautiful storyline based on the best selling book by author Vikram Seth. It’s a coming of age story of Lata (played by Tanya Maniktala), a young student that refuses to be shackled in the chains of arranged marriage.

Set in the 1950s, a post-partition era with incredible set details, amazing musical and dance performances, this New Netflix show is sure to deliver a culturally enriched and diverse India to the spellbound audience.

9. Inventing Anna

img source-radio times

Jessica Pressler is a New York-based journalist who published a story in the New York magazine about Anna Delvey. The story is based on how Anna fooled every known face in the elite social circle of New York by creating a fake persona for herself. She portrayed herself as a German heiress who leads a lavish lifestyle. You would connect to the storyline as this series is relatable to real-life events.

10. All of Us Are Dead

Can you imagine living in a world where you can experience a zombie apocalypse anytime? That is what ‘All of Us are Dead’ in a nutshell is. From the beginning, you would feel the tension that the characters are going through. A deadly virus affects everyone in the Hyosan High School and the first season focuses on this one location. The plot is worth watching and keeps you hooked for hours. 

11. Yeh Kali Kali Ankhein

The title of this web series is inspired by a popular song from a Shah Rukh Khan starrer film ‘Baazigar’. In Bollywood, we often see that men go up to any extent to get their love, here the tables have turned. The female protagonist Purvi loves being obsessed with Vikrant since childhood. Vikrant doesn’t share the same feelings for her. He then meets Sikha and falls in love, but this love triangle gets complicated. Purvi becomes adamant and decides to go to any extent to separate Vikrant and Sikha. Be prepared for the twists and turns that will unravel in this series.

12. One of Us is Lying

After the success of the novel, One of Us is Lying, the show with the same name has become the most anticipated series of 2022.  The plot is based on five students detained by the principal of the Bayview High School. After the detention, one was found dead who wants to reveal deep secrets about the four other students named Nate, Bronwyn, Andy, and Cooper. If you love murder mysteries, then this series is your cup of tea.

Final Words

With uncountable options provided by Netflix, I hope you have found some new and upcoming series to watch at a future date.

Fun to watch with friends or binge it alone, these new Netflix shows are not gonna disappoint you, and that’s my guarantee to y’all. Let’s not forget to read these Netflix tips if you want to stream it like a PRO!

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