5 Common Signs & Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency That You Shouldn’t Avoid!

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In this busy schedule, it is difficult to keep a routine check on the foods you eat and regular exercise to keep yourself healthy. Today, one or another person is suffering from vitamin deficiency problems and looking for solutions to overcome them. According to studies, the majority of people suffer from vitamin D deficiency and don’t know how to get rid of it. It is not surprising to read the best source of vitamin D is sunlight. But besides sunlight, foods like soy, milk, egg yolks, and other dairy products are excellent sources of vitamin D. Let’s delve deeper and know the common signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. 

While some people know their body lacks deficiency D, others don’t even realize why they get tired and infected easily. Do you know Vitamin D is necessary to make bones strong? So, here are some signs and symptoms you should know to keep yourself healthy. 

5 Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency That Everyone Should Be Aware of!

1. Getting Sick or Infected Often

If you are falling sick or have issues with the flu, you might be deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to keep our immune system tough. The immune system keeps us away from bacteria and viruses so that we don’t face any sickness. Also, the immune system has direct contact with cells that help us fight infection. A study has shown that people suffering from chronic lung disorder COPD recover after taking Vitamin D dosage for one year.

2. Fatigue and Tiredness

Feeling sleepy, tired all the time, or having no energy could be a sign of Vitamin D deficiency. A study has shown that an increase in the consumption or intake of vitamin D-source foods reduces tiredness instantly.

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3. Bone, Back, and Muscular Pain

If you have pain in your back or neck often, this is a sign of Vitamin D deficiency. Lesser you know, is Vitamin D helps improve bone health and maintains calcium absorption in the body.

Research has shown that there is a relationship between bone pain and deficiency. Older people suffer a lot of deficiencies in comparison to younger people. Furthermore, muscular pain is also a sign of deficiency, observed in children and adults.

4. Depression

You won’t believe it, but there is a direct connection between depression and Vitamin D deficiency. It is believed and proved that older adults are more prone to get affected by it. Giving a proper dose of Vitamin D helps in reducing depression.

5. Impaired Wound Healing

Vitamin D is the most important factor for making our bones strong and fighting against bacteria and viruses. It also helps in healing our wounds fast. You might have noticed children’s wounds heal faster when compared to adults. This is because children have sufficient Vitamins, as they spend most of their time in the sunlight, which is a good source of Vitamin D.


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  1. Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins to our body. I find the food items to increase Vitamin D level is very helpful. Thanks for putting this post together.

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