7 Things You Should Do RIGHT NOW to Overcome Depression – #4 is Unavoidable

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At present, depression has become a common disease like fever and diabetes. 2 out of 15 people, suffer from depression, and find themselves helpless. Well, everyone today has become quite busy with their work and other stuff, and hardly finds time for themselves and family. What do you think this could be the major reason for depression? Maybe. 

How to deal with depression and anxiety is another common term that people search on Google to get rid of this difficult phase. Depression usually takes out your good energy, leaving you emotionally empty and exhausted. You start losing interest in everything that you love. You sleep too much, experience mood swings, eat more, or eat less than usual, and do strange things.

It is not surprising to hear that everyone has faced this situation once in their lifetime for whatever reason. And, I am not an exception. I have also gone through this phase, and I know what it is to be like when you are in depression. You won’t believe it, but over 260 million people of all ages face depression globally. So, if you think that you are in this phase and need help, then below are several ways on how to overcome depression without taking medication. 

What Are the Signs of Depression?

  • When you start becoming an introvert and lose interest in the things you love, like going out with friends, reading a book, and more. 
  • When you sleep too much and turn into an insomniac. Sometimes waking up too early, or late is also a sign of depression. 
  • A few studies show that loss of interest in sex could also lead to depression. Furthermore, you start believing that not everything that is going is fine, and also you are alone.
  • Sometimes people gain or lose weight when they are depressed. If you think you are underweight, then consume these foods to gain weight in 10 days.  
  • Having a headache, digestion problems, or cramps is a basic sign of depression. Sometimes, mood swings and changes in appetite could also lead to sadness. 

Ways to Overcome Depression Without any Medication

  • Get a Schedule

Get a Schedule

When you are in depression, you have the worst schedule. You don’t have a specific time for anything. So, better you start your day with a proper schedule. Make a proper routine and follow it for a week. Write down what you have to do in the morning at 9 o’clock, in the afternoon, and at night. Following a proper routine could help you in regaining your lost power. Do not start BIG, instead make a schedule for a week, and then follow it for the next few days. 

  • Exercise

Doing exercise not only makes you feel good, but it also keeps you energized throughout the day. Exercising boosts the immune system, improves mood, and helps you feel better. I am not saying you to participate in a marathon, but walking for 15-20minutes or doing yoga poses could do wonders when you are depressed. 

  • Eat Healthily

According to research, foods that are loaded in vitamin B-12, omega-3 fatty acids, and folic acid help in getting rid of depression. Furthermore, it is believed that what you eat directly affects your brain and mood. So, make sure that you consume foods that improve brain functioning. Also, eat fruits and vegetables in your meal, as they are good for heart health.

  • Get Enough Sleep

It is recommended to take at least 7-8 hours of sleep. When a person is depressed, he/she sleeps for more than 18 hours. If you are in this phase, then avoid working late at night. Do you know taking a shower also helps in reducing depression? You can also check these ways to sleep fast if you are living a life of an insomniac. 

  • Connect With Friends and Family

I know to say this is easy, but implementing it is extremely hard. Several studies have proved that when people suffering depression connects with their closed ones, they forget about their depression. Go out with them on a coffee, go shopping, and stay connected. By doing this, you would see a drastic change in yourself in very little time.

  • Do Something New 

Challenge yourself, learn new things, and work on your hobby. Read books, talk to a stranger, and share what’s going on in your mind. Learn a new language and do things that would keep you busy. 

  • Stop Overthinking

Overthinking is one of the major and common reasons for depression. Overthinking can be your worst enemy that creates problems. Live in the present and stop thinking about the past. Plus, don’t worry about the future. Everything is predecided you only have to play your role. Be truthful to yourself and don’t give up. Read inspirational books, watch motivational videos, and do what makes you happy.

Depression affects millions of people around the globe. The good news is, several treatments are available to get rid of sadness. However, consulting a professional is the best advice and should be the foremost step to come back stronger. 

Bonus Tip: Do your best and reward yourself with a piece of cake (or anything that makes you smile). Recognizing own success is the strongest weapon to fight depression. 

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