9 Common Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency That You Might Not be Aware of

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Several studies showed that Vitamin B12 is a common deficiency observed in vegetarians and vegans. However, it could also be found in people who consume meat products. Like other vitamins, vitamin B12 main function is to keep blood cells healthy and to support the functioning of nerve cells.

Anyone who has a vitamin B12 deficiency is recommended to consume foods like eggs, fish, and meat. And those who are vegans or vegetarians should eat foods high in vitamin B12, including almond and coconut milk. So, let’s check out a few common signs and symptoms of this deficiency and foods to intake to prevent severe diseases (if any).

Major Signs & Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

  • Pale Skin (Jaundice)

Pale Skin (Jaundice)

Jaundice is the most common disease that happens when your body lacks Vitamin B12. Your skin turns yellow when your body can’t produce blood. The major function of RBC (red blood cell) is to carry the oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body and to help body functioning. Sometimes fever, dark-colored urine, and chills are the common Jaundice symptoms.

  • Weakness

vitamin b12 weakness

Do you feel tired after exercising for a few minutes say, 10-15 minutes? Or when you ascend a hill or staircase? Feeling tired after a few minutes of workout can be the sign of vitamin b12 deficiency. This usually happens when your body lacks oxygen. You feel tired because your body doesn’t have enough amount of vitamin b12 that is needed to make red blood cells. Like you need fuel to run a vehicle, your body too needs a proper amount of oxygen to stay healthy.

  • Prickling Sensation in Body

Vitamin b12 Prickling Sensation in Body

Have you ever experienced prickling sensations whenever you sit for a long time or wear tight jeans? If this has ever happened with you, then make sure that you consult a doctor. This might be a sign of severe disease. Vitamin B12 produces myelin, a substance that surrounds nerve cells. Its’ main function is to allow electrical impulses to pass on quickly along with the nerve cell. The lack of vitamin B12 can affect the nervous system.

  • Trouble In Walking

Vitamin b12 Trouble In Walking

You must have read that the nervous system controls most of your body functions. The deficiency of Vitamin B12 can cause movement problems, lack of coordination, and misbalancing. Usually, these problems have been noticed in older people. So, if you have older people at home, then make sure that you give them a proper dose of foods that are rich in vitamin B12. Also, it is recommended to consult a doctor in a severe case.

  • Mouth Pain and Ulcers

Vitamin b12 Mouth Pain and Ulcers

Another major and common sign of Vitamin B12 deficiency is mouth pain. If you are having mouth ulcers then your body might be lacking vitamin B12. Have you ever heard about glossitis? In this disease, a person’s tongue changes its color and it makes ulcers more painful.

  • Shortness of Breath

vitamin b12 Shortness of Breath

Breathing problem is another one of the common symptoms noticed when your body lacks vitamin B12.  Several exercises have been suggested by the experts to get rid of shortness of breath. Follow the breathing exercise for a week and you will see a change in your body. Apart from Vitamin B12 deficiency, allergies, pneumonia, and lung disease can be the cause of breathing problems.

  • Disturbed Vision

vitamin b12 Disturbed Vision

Though disturbing vision is not a common sign of Vitamin B12 deficiency, it can affect eyesight. If you experience blurriness insight more often, then you should consult a doctor. This might be signaling that your eyes are not getting an adequate amount of oxygen. It is recommended to consume foods and supplements that are rich in Vitamin B12 to prevent eye problems.

  • Weight Loss

vitamin b12 weight loss

Several studies showed that a drastic weight loss in a few days or months could also be the symptom of Vitamin B12 deficiency. If you are experiencing the same, then it is suggested to consume a proper meal and to follow a healthy lifestyle. You can also try eating these foods to gain weight and to see the change in 10-15 days.

  • Depression

vitamin b12 depression

Depression has become a new normal. 2 out of 15 people today, face depression for some or other reasons. It is also one of the symptoms of Vitamin B12. Researchers found that a decrease in Vitamin B12 is linked to depression. Natural remedies like Vitamin b12 supplements can help. It is recommended to consume nearly 1mg of vitamin B12 supplement daily for better health results. Furthermore, you can also try these ways to overcome depression.

Minimum Requirement of Vitamin B12 For Better Health Results

Every individual’s body has a different ability to adapt to food and show different results. Below is the minimum requirement of Vitamin B12 in an individual’s body.

  • Newborn (0 – 6 months) – Must consume 0.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 supplements
  • Infants (7-12 months) – 0.5-0.6 micrograms
  • Kids (1-3 years old) – 0.9 micrograms
  • Kids (4-9) years old – 1.2 -1.5 micrograms
  • Kids (9-13) years old – 1.8 -2 micrograms
  • 14 years and above – 2.4 – 2.5 micrograms
  • Pregnant Woman – 2.6 micrograms
  • Breastfeeding Woman – 2.8 -2.9 micrograms

Vitamin B12 Rich Foods That Should Be On Everyone’s Plate

Not to mention, there are more foods for non-vegetarians that are rich in Vitamin B12. But, If you are a vegetarian, then make sure that you add these foods in your meal. 

  • Dairy Products (milk, cheese, paneer)
  • Cereals or Fortified Cereals
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Ice Cream, Vanilla
  • Shitake mushroom
  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Cottage Cheese

Takeaway Thoughts

Be it a kid or adult, everyone should consume a proper amount of vitamins and minerals in a regular meal. Make sure that you include foods like coconut or almond milk, soy, and other foods rich in vitamin B 12. If you experience any of the above symptoms of vitamin B deficiency, then without any delay consult a doctor. Also, do not change your lifestyle or eating habits, without asking or taking advice from the doctors in any condition.

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