15 Amazing Diwali Gift Ideas That Won’t Burn A Hole in Your Pocket (2020)

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Diwali is about to arrive, and so is the stress. Got confused? You might be wondering, when Diwali is a festival of enjoyment and fun, then how come the stress is a part of this? Well, I am talking about the anxiety of buying souvenirs. Gone are the days where people would only purchase traditional and Chinese gifts for their loved ones. 

Today, you have a plethora of gift ideas to offer to your loved ones. Right from cookies to personalized items and gift hampers to greeting cards, these novelties are close to heart. Here comes the Diwali season, and you might be wondering what to buy for family, friends, and neighbors? Don’t worry! I have got you covered. 🙂

I understand how annoying it is when your mind pops several questions like What if they didn’t like my present? Or should I give them something costly? But what about the budget?

Uggghh! So many questions and lots of stress. So, just for everyone like me who is still looking for cost-effective yet beautiful gifts for their loved ones, I have compiled a quick list of presents that would make everyone Diwali, a festival of happiness and celebrations.

Quick Tip: Before you scroll down to check on the list, make sure that you have decided your budget and noted down a list of your loved ones to whom you would be sending LOVE and gifts.

Top 15 Diwali Gift Ideas That You Can’t-Miss This Season

1. Dry Fruits Box/ Tray – Under 850

image source: gujarat gifts

Giving dry fruits on Diwali is the best option, as most people find it easy-to-go, without wasting time. Also, dry fruits are healthier as compared to other food items like packets or processed foods. You can get dry fruit trays from local markets at an affordable price.

Additionally, you can also combine different nuts and make a combo pack. Sending gifts that are healthy and nutritious is always a loveable gesture. So, this Diwali, buy dry fruits and send it to your loved ones showing you care for them for a lot.  

2. Sweets & Juice Bottles – Under 500

image source: pak cheers

Diwali is celebrated with friends and family, and enjoying this special occasion with loved ones creates wonderful memories. Deciding what to give on Diwali becomes a daunting task when you have not pre-decided.

But what I feel is, giving sweets is a beautiful gesture that does not wait for a particular occasion. I would recommend you to buy sweets for the adults and refreshing juices for kids on this festive occasion. If you think that this is one of the best Diwali gift ideas, then make sure that you check the freshness and quality of these items before purchasing them from the store.

3. Bedsheets – Under 3000

Bedsheets are used by everyone, as they add elegance to the comfort of your bedroom. These are easy to purchase and come in different varieties. Although there are many shops in your local market where you can buy bedsheets, I would suggest you search for bed sheets on Amazon.

As the big festive sale is going on, Amazon is offering bedsheets at a lower price. However, if you are not concerned about the budget, then you can prefer buying soft and luxurious fabric from Cannon.

4. Crockery – Under 3000

Just as bed sheets add grace to a bedroom, cutleries or crockeries make the kitchen look beautiful. Not only does it add charm to the kitchen, but it also makes the food tastier.  Crockery sets come in varieties of designs and styles and are the ideal choice as a Diwali gift. 

Go for a tea set, a dinner set, wine glasses, or a 3-piece bowl set and surprise your loved ones. The choice is all yours!

The choice is all yours! Buy the Larah by Borosil dinnerware 12pcs set that is thermal resistant and solid from Amazon at the earliest. Also, you need not have to worry if the dishes might fall off!

5. Cooking Utensils (Complete Set) – Under 10,000

I know how many cooking pots I have at home (yes, they all are Diwali gifts!) Earlier, people used to give something durable and long-lasting for years. Today, also people find a cooking pot as an ideal gift to offer for Diwali. These cooking utensils are the perfect option if you are planning to give something to your relatives. 

Buy different stainless steel cookware set from amazon that includes 

  • saucepan with stainless steel lid
  • Dutch oven with stainless steel lid and steamer basket insert
  • saucepan with stainless steel lid
  • non-stick fry pan
  • jumbo cooker with stainless steel lid
  • splatter screen
  • fry pan, and more.

6. Glass Jars – Under 600

Nowadays, people do not prefer plastic jars to store spices and other eatables and use glassware. You can buy glass jars beautifully adorned with designs within the budget. These glass jars are hygienic as they don’t contain chemicals. 

This set of 12 hexagon glass jar from amazon is a multipurpose jar to replace with your plastic jars. They are microwave safe and have a wide mouth that makes it easy to pour all the spices and lentils. Available in different sizes, glass jars can be the best option for this festive season. 

Product Dimensions: Height- 11 cm /  Width- 6cm

Size: 200ml

7. Indoor Plants – Under 900

Indoor plants are the perfect gifts for those who love greenery around them. Adore it to decorate your home, study desk, or other spaces, indoor plants are worth giving. These indoor plants not only depict the beauty of nature but also strengthens the bond. 

Every plant has its meaning, and this 4-year-old Bonsai plant from amazon holds the purpose of strength, endurance, and stability. Not only this, it comes with a ceramic pot that makes it easy to take care of and requires less attention. It comes inside a fully wrapped up carton and is delivered at your home step with proper care. 

8. Photo Frames – Under 500

The walls in the home shouldn’t be boring. They can be decorated with alluring wallpapers, artful frames, and anything that looks appealing. Instead of adorning the wall with colors, why not decorate it with photo frames? Sounds good!

Photo frames are simple yet meaningful gift items. They liven up the living rooms, bedrooms, and hold a different level of closeness. Be it a bedroom or living area, photo frames continue to hold a timeless appeal for long years. Go for a photo collage or select the descent pieces of designs for photo frames as the best Diwali gift idea to surprise your loved ones. Not only do pictures create memories, but the way they are kept intact as well. This beautiful photo frame from amazon is designed with premium quality synthetic wood and looks alluring in the living room.

9. Candle/Diya Set – Under 150

These cute little Diya sets add warmth to the Diwali decoration. Diyas/candles add light to the darkness and look beautiful forever. Select a mud Diya from a local hawker or buy silver, brass, or handmade ones.

Not only Diyas, but even the candles come in different shapes and sizes. Right from scented to taper candles, a variety of beautiful Diya sets can be gifted on this occasion. This multicolored pack of 4 Diya sets can be bought from Flipkart at just 110.

10. Glimmer Lightings – Under 300

Diwali is a festival of lights. These stunning lanterns are used to adorn veranda to add glamour to home and other spaces. This Diwali, let’s add light to the life of our loved ones by gifting them these beautiful glimmering lights.

Not just on Diwali, but they can be used for various occasions such as home decor, birthday parties, house warming, open garden parties, and more. The lanterns are easy to use and can be mold in any shape. What’s amazing is they don’t cost you a lot and come in handy for under Rs300.

11. Decorative Boxes – Under 400


These decorative golden boxes can be an elegant gift to give to your friends and relatives. You can store your precious jewelry in these boxes. These multi-purpose boxes can be used as per convenience. If you are planning to gift these decorative boxes on Diwali, then fill them with chocolates, dry fruits, and other eatables to make it worthier.

This beautiful yet attractive pack of 6 decorative boxes on Amazon comes under Rs 400.

12. Light Candle Holder – Under 500

Candles are boring, but these candlelight holders add warmth to any space. This handcrafted pack of 2 candle holders is a perfect gift to give on the occasion of Diwali. Adore them on the dining table or place them in the showcase box to add a stunning view to your home.

You can also gift these candle holders along with candle sets and Diyas. Comes in unique shapes and designs, these fascinating candle holders are worth purchasing and suit every space.

13. Cadbury Celebration Box – Under 250

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Especially when it is Cadbury rich, filled with dry nuts. This Cadbury celebration box is another richest yet delicious gift to celebrate your happiness and joy. So if you are going to meet your relatives, friends, colleagues, or neighbors, then how about giving this celebration box? Sound’s good? Yes, then buy this yummiest pack of Cadbury box from amazon and enjoy delectable Cadbury rich celebrations.

14. Wall Clock – Under 800

Be it a wristwatch or wall clock, this timeless beauty is the perfect gift for men and women. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or show appreciation, clocks are worth buying.

The best and affordable watches can be bought online from Amazon, Flipkart, and other stores. A quality timepiece is always a beautiful gesture for anyone. Want an exclusive wall clock? Yes, then head over to Myntra right now.

15. Board Games – Under 1000

The board games are an ideal choice for fun and entertainment. For those looking for games during an occasion to keep you entertained, these board games are a perfect time pass for everyone. Board games like UNO, monopoly, chess, carrom, ludo, and more, can be played anytime and anywhere.

If you prefer traditional or classic board games, then check out amazon or Flipkart and pick from a range of board games.

Take Away Thoughts

Diwali is a festival of celebrations and joy. And, what could be happier than meeting your loved ones and spending time with them? Sending gifts and love is not merely a celebration, but exchanging gifts also shares an unbreakable bond and creates memories. But before you choose Diwali gifts for your closed ones, make sure that you decide on a budget first. 

After celebrating Diwali and sharing wonderful moments with family, if you are left with time, then catch on to these all-time favorite Netflix Series that can be watched on loop.

Take a pick, invest time, and I am sure you will have plenty of unconventional gifts for your loved ones. 

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