4 Important Kissing Tips To Turn ON your Partner!

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Let’s get real, kissing someone can leave you with an awesome or unpleasant feeling. It is the most beautiful and intimate form of love that shares waves of affection between you and your partner. Kissing doesn’t require communication but is still the most beautiful form of warmth and intimacy. 

A kiss shouldn’t be simple, but creative, because it tells how much you love your partner. Be it a Cheek kiss or a French kiss, everyone wants to master the kissing skills and impress their loved ones. 

You must have heard or read the proverb – “The first impression is the last impression”. So, if you want to make an impression that would last forever, you must know the rules of kissing. 

Wondering how to kiss? Kissing for the first time can be nerve-wracking. But, it is a beautiful feeling that one shouldn’t miss experiencing. If you are kissing for the first time and looking for kissing tips, below share a few tips that would help you to kiss passionately and intensely. 

1. Keep your breath fresh

A good smell is the first knockout process that one should follow. Brush your teeth before an hour if you know that today is your day. If it is sudden then have a mint refreshing gum or mint spray if you have eaten onion, garlic, or something that can leave a smell in your mouth. Even if you have kissed your partner more than 1000 times, a bad smell is not what you want for a kiss. Another most important kissing tip is to make sure that your lips are not dry. 

2. Setting up the Mood

Kissing for the first time is a memorable moment for everyone. By body language, you can understand it’s the right time for the kiss. If you are not comfortable then kiss on the shoulder or cheek to make him/her comfortable. If they seem comfortable and you are having eye contact, start moving close to them. Put one hand around them and another inside their hair. Setting the mood by sharing some romantic compliment might be good, something surprising in your partner’s ears. 

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3. Kiss

If you have come this far then there is nothing left than the KISS. Your first kiss should be gentle and slow. Just lean forward and kiss. While you are kissing, stroke his/her hair and caress his/her neck. When you are done, slowly move apart but still look into their eyes, while stroking their hair and letting your partner know-how was the kiss. 

If you think your partner is ready for another kiss, make sure this time also to be gentle and slow to spice up the moment. You can go for a French kiss if your partner feels right (try it at your risk coz this would be your first kiss.)

4. If it doesn’t go well

If all doesn’t go well as you planned, RELAX. Generally, first kisses are always awkward. Take a deep breath to try another time. Practice makes a man perfect. So keep on practicing and make your first kiss memorable for your partner too.

Take Away Thoughts

Now that you know some important kissing tips, ensure that you make this moment worth memorable. Kissing is an on-the-spot decision and should be taken with caution (with partner’s consent). 

How was your first kiss? Do you know other important kissing tips that could turn on your partner? Drop your comments below. 


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