10 Travel Movies You Can’t Miss Watching If You are a Travel Freak!

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Travel movies are the best genre of movies that take you on a free tour to different places in the world and give you a fun-filled experience while you watch them. 

These movies not only virtually take you on a tour and help you discover amazing and beautiful places, but allow you to know about the culture and habits of people residing there. Sit in your room, watch these movies, and experience the amazing feeling that takes you to a new destination. 

Indeed! Travel-based movies are fun to watch and not to be missed. So, are you ready to take a fun tour to a new destination for some time and enhance your wanderlust a bit? Yes? Great! Let’s know about a few famous travel movies that are travelers’ favorite and could become your favorite too.

10 Travel Movies That Would Increase Your Wanderlust!

1. Into The Wild

The 2007 movie, Into The Wild, is the story of a topper student, Christopher McCandless, who is an athlete and graduated from Emory University. He decides to give away his savings to the charity and leave his belongings behind to go for an adventurous trip to Alaska. This movie is based on a real story that is inspiring for travel lovers. Moreover, the movie takes you into the wilderness in Alaska, making you want to live such a life. 

2. The Way

The Way (2010) is a beautiful and heart-touching story of a father who decides to move overseas in Camino de Santiago trail in Spain to meet his son and bid him adieu for the very last time. The grieving father is seen traveling 800 kilometers, meeting strangers, and interacting with them. The movie has amazing visuals and landscapes mixed with the emotions being portrayed by the father that made it appear even more beautiful.

3. Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun was released in 2007 and is based on a romantic tale with a comic structure. The location of the movie is Tuscany, where the female protagonist goes on a trip to Tuscany after getting divorced. She falls in love with a ramshackle house and ends up buying it. The movie has beautiful visuals of landscapes in the rural areas of Italy.

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4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret of Walter Mitty is another one of the greatest travel movies that covers a few romantic destinations over the world and makes you fall in love with the mountains and gorgeous landscapes. The storyline consists of the main protagonist and his colleague being on the verge of losing their jobs but astonishingly deciding to go on an adventurous trip. This is one of the most inspiring and best travel films that lets you discover a lot of new places and make you feel like going on one such adventure too.

5. Out of Africa

Out of Africa, released in 1985 is definitely worth the watch by the travel lovers. The story revolves around a Danish baroness who is in a relationship with a free-spirited hunter. The movie covers the wildlife and nature of Africa and inspires the wild child in you. In fact, Out of Africa has also won 7 Oscars & other awards.

6. Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise was released in the theaters in 1995 and makes you go on a trip to Vienna. The movie has a unique style and set up and focuses on two strangers meeting each other in the streets of Vienna and walking their way in the streets of Vienna the whole night until the sun rises. The concept and style of the movie are different from other travel movies and would make you fall in love with it.

7. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This Indian movie was released in 2011 and gives you every reason to travel the world with your friends. The story revolves around three friends who plan for their vacation to escape the monotony of daily life and go on a trip together. This movie would make you want to travel to every place and experience every adventure in life with your buddies. In case you are planning to go for a vacation with your friends anytime soon, then follow these travel tips for a better travel experience. 

8. The Bucket List

The movie follows a storyline of two men, who were cancer patients and eloped from their cancer ward to go on a road trip to fulfill their bucket list before they die. This inspirational film inculcates the importance of trips and adventure in life. 

9. Wild

The Wild movie tells about a woman, who sets on a hiking journey that covers 1000 kilometers, to get over the unfortunate demise of her mother. The movie is set up in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and was released in 2014. The movie covers stills from the Pacific Crest Trail containing snowy fields, dusty mountains, wild forests, and mushy trails.

10. Highway

One of the most unique travel movies ever made, Highway is the story of a young girl who gets kidnapped one night before her wedding on a highway in Delhi. The victim is set to travel to different places in India with the kidnapper who is a truck driver and develops a romantic connection with him. The life-changing road trip of the protagonist makes one want to go for an unexpected adventure.

How many of the above travel movies have you watched? Which one is your favorite? Drop your views below.

In case, if you haven’t watched any, then start your virtual journey with these movies today!


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  1. Apparently, I have a lot of movie-watching to do! The only one I’ve seen on this list is the secret life of Walter Mitty. I loved that movie so I’m definitely down to watch the rest of these. Thanks for the ideas!

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