6 Free Money Saving Apps That Makes You an Excellent Money Manager

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Everybody in the world desires to save money, but money-saving can get tricky at times. The how and when and where are the questions that we are answering right now. How to save money without difficulty and hassle, you ask?  The answer is by using some amazingly friendly money-saving apps. 

In case you have missed, I have already shared a few tricks and tips on how to save money and to relax when you turn 50. In this post, I will be sharing apps for saving money that can be your lifesaver in a pinch. Sometimes managing money is not an easy task. 

Figuring out where your money is going, what was your last month’s profit, and how much did you spend on groceries can’t be managed by a single person. Thankfully, several money savings apps have launched that tell people money management and lets them save money for a better tomorrow. Some of the highly recommended money saving apps are here for your use. Let’s get to know them, shall we?

Money Saving Apps That Allows You to Save more for a Better Tomorrow

1. Wally 

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This app keeps all your finances in one place. It documents all your funds, whether it’s coming in or going out. You don’t have to worry about your fundings and documents, as it does everything for you. Install this app to keep afloat of your budget. Wally is one of the most popular money-saving apps that tracks your spendings and synchronizes with your bank. What’s amazing is, this app is available for both iOS and Android.

2. Mint

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You need this app to keep track of all your financial activities in one place. It helps you to manage your accounts, bills, credit scores. It effortlessly helps you in creating a budget that you can stick to and see where your money is going.

In terms of security, this app is password protected and takes excellent measures to keep your data safe. Mint is a simplified budgeting tool and sends you an alert via email for any wrong entry. It is also available for both iOS and Playstore.

3. Encashit

Another great way to save money while shopping is through this app. Install Encashit, browse the cashback offers, buy the products you want that offer rewards. Snap the picture of your bill and submit to get cashback. Redeem cashback or coupons from various shopping applications like Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, BookMyShow, etc.

4. Simple

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Banking and budgeting in one ‘simple’ app, heck yeah! If you are terrible at making budgets and forever overspending on things you don’t even need, then you are on the right page here.

Banking on the go is their main motto, and that’s what we all want in this busy life, isn’t it? Set budget goals and save automatically through this one money-saving app. It keeps everything safe and secure too. It is available both on iOS and Android.

5. Thriv

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Easy to use and user friendly, this app needs to be your new money-saving best friend. Create your budget, keep up to date on your financial plans, track your money, and the most important one is saving it effortlessly.

This app sends alerts to keep you on track about your spending and money-saving habits. Personalize your account, planner, and saving goals with color codes and images, price tags, links, and descriptions.

6. Chip

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Money, the thing we all love spending, but when it comes to saving, it becomes a hassle. But here is an app that does all the work, so you can relax and enjoy life. Chip is a popular money-saving app that you connect to your bank account. It analyses your spending habits and calculates how much money you can save and automatically transfer the amount into your e-wallets or savings account.

Set up individual goals – like saving for a holiday or a car, and Chip would calculate the amount you need to put in every week or month to save up for them. It is simple, secure, and available for both iOS and Android. Have you ever downloaded this money-saving app?

Money-Saving Problems? Not Anymore

Staying on top of your money-saving game is important, but so is your peace of mind. Take the help of these free mobile saving apps and achieve your saving goals a lot more easily and effortlessly. 

Planning, budgeting, and keeping track of your money has never been this trouble-free and uncomplicated. Technology sure has its uses, and I don’t think there’s any better way to accomplish all these goals in a fun, easy, and interesting manner. 

These money-saving apps let you do everything related to your money within your fingertips.  Tell me in the comment section, which is your favorite money-saving app, and how you are handling all your money resources. 


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  1. what a great list! Would also recommend ATM Fee Saver – it helps find the ATMs abroad which are zero fees or have lower fees than others along with withdrawal limits for foreign card holders, I use it quite a bit, helps in saving up on those costs! Worth adding to your list!

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