7 Useful Solo Travel Tips To Remember For a Better Travelling Experience!

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Going SOLO is worth a try! Wondering WHY? Travelling alone lets you discover yourself. While traveling with friends and family gives you another level of happiness, solo travel, on the other hand, gives more growth opportunities. 

For some, planning a solo trip can be an uneasy trip to think of, for others, it’s the best thing they can ever dream of. No matter, what you have imagined your solo trip to be, the little voice in your head must have been prompting you that a solo trip is worth a try. If you are planning to travel alone, then here are solo travel tips that could help you on your way.

7 Unavoidable Solo Travel Tips To Make Your Trip More Exciting!

1. Do Advance Planning

Planning everything is one of the best solo travel tips that you should follow while going on a trip alone. Noting down the locations of a trip must be done beforehand, and then the trip should be planned accordingly.

Deciding the destinations where you want to travel, knowing the travelling routes, and travelling packages are essential when you are going alone. Ensure that pre-planning of your solo trip does not land up in chaos.  

2. Understand Your Strengths

When thinking about solo travel hacks, you must look at your strengths. Knowing the language used by the people there can be helpful. Prepare yourself to boost some self-confidence and get ready to communicate with new people on your trip. Look at your weaknesses and try to overcome them for the sake of the trip.

Do some research about the destination where you are going, the lifestyle there, the culture, the language they use to communicate, the availability of transport, and knowledge about other important factors regarding the designation you are planning to travel. Missing out on important portions might become problematic later.

3.  Add To Your Savings

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Savings is one of the most essential solo travel tips to look into before planning a trip. If you are not saving up then you are reducing the chances of experiencing an amazing trip. The more funds you would save for the solo trip, the better the trip would be.

Moreover, your savings for the solo trip must be considerably higher than your entire planned budget for the trip. This would help you have a smooth trip while avoiding any financial problems. You can follow these money-saving tips if you are finding saving money difficult.

4.  Pack The Luggage Lightly

Since the trip is a solo one, the luggage needs to be carried alone by you. Thus pack only the required items and avoid unnecessary packing. Keeping the baggage light and minimum in numbers is important so that you do not get into trouble when traveling alone. 

More than thinking of keeping your baggage light, try to do a smart packing. Use baggage that is convenient for you to carry, like a rucksack, or a trolley, depending on your comfort. Avoid packing hazardous items or ones that might break when traveling.

5.  Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance is one of the most highly recommended travel tips when going solo. In case you face any damage or loss, then your travel insurance is there holding you back in any situation. Avoiding the purchase of travel insurance makes you solely responsible for any losses or damages. Whether you are going solo or with folks, make sure that your trip is ensured. 

6.  Be Careful With Your Identity

Carrying your id proof and other documents is very important when you are leaving your house. In case you are traveling solo, you need to take care of handling your identity proof like credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, and more. Managing all these kinds of stuff is your responsibility and must be done with utmost care. Any mishandling can lead to the spoiling of your entire solo trip.

7.  Love Your Company

Solo trips mean that you are spending most of the time with yourself. Be careful of the people you are meeting on the trip. Interacting with the locals of the area will give you detailed knowledge about their culture and lifestyle. However, in the end, you would be alone on the trip. So love your company and cherish every moment you have spent during the day. Here are a few essential healthy travel tips that you should look forward to while going solo.

Take Away Thoughts

A solo trip is a courageous decision to take and comes with many challenges too. However, proper planning and following the above solo travel tips could help you indulge in an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Have you ever planned a SOLO trip? How was your experience – Yay or Nay? Drop your comments below.

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  1. Excellent writing Ankana. Some of the tips are really practical and helpful. Yeah fortunately I did a solo trip in delhi. And it was awesome.

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