Must-Try Eggless Mango Cake Recipe That Takes Only 15 Minutes From Your Busy Schedule

This eggless mango cake recipe is a surprising treat for all mango lovers. It has simple ingredients and is a perfect treat for any occasion. Mango is the major ingredient in this recipe so make sure that you pick fresh and sweet mangoes. Mangoes add an incredible flavor and give a beautiful color to the cake.

Serve it as a dessert or as an evening snack with coffee. I would say, choose black coffee if you want to taste something exotic and different. Being a seasonal fruit, make sure that you plan to bake mango cake when mangoes are available at peak. You can also use mango pulp that is available all year round. But, I would recommend using fresh mangoes instead of mango pulp. Without further ado, let’s see how this delicious mango cake can be made at home without condensed milk and butter.

This yum eggless mango cake is a perfect treat for kids b’ day party. Have you ever tried making a mango cake? How did it taste –  good or delicious?

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