The Secret Recipe to Make Instant Black Coffee With 3 Ingredients

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Coffee! Coffee! Coffee is my love. What’s yours? I can have coffee anytime and anywhere (Ah! that’s what my bio reads). For millions of people like me, the best way to start a day is by sipping a coffee and not CHAI (no offense). Just like tea lovers sip a cup of tea every time they meet friends or work in the office, similarly, I take coffee breaks. 

Whenever I crave coffee, I make hot coffee Latte/cold coffee at home. But this time, I tried something new. I made black coffee. Brewing a cup of coffee that has no sugar, cream, and milk can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Initially, I didn’t find it as delicious as mocha or other coffee flavors, but after knowing black coffee benefits, I actually started liking it. I read somewhere that indulging in black coffee improves memory, reduces the risk of diabetes type 2, fights depression, stress, and whatnot. 

It reduces stress, that was the major reason why I tried my hands on black coffee (why not try this, when stress busters like watching funny videos and music are not teaming up with you.) So, if you also want to try black coffee, then check out this instant recipe that doesn’t need fancy coffee beans to make it tastier. Only water and regular coffee are good to go to make black coffee. So, what’s the secret? Wait! For that, you have to read the post. 

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Ingredients Needed to Make Black Coffee

  • 1 cup of water
  • Instant coffee powder or nestle coffee (best if you have at home)
  • Brown Sugar or refined sugar

3 Steps to Make Black Coffee

  1. Pour water in a bowl and let it boil for 1-2 minutes. (if you are using microwave then set the time to 40-45 seconds.)
  2. Take the coffee powder and refined sugar in another bowl and add 3-4 drops of hot water to it. Give it a nice stir. 
  3. Add the boiled water and mix well. 
  4. Black coffee is ready to serve with cookies.

That was super duper easy to make and also it doesn’t take time. Now, it’s my turn to share the secret, i.e., a bonus tip!

BONUS TIP: Add a pinch of salt when you add the hot water into the mix to reduce the bitterness of coffee. With salt, coffee gives a different taste and comes out smoother. 

Tell me, did you know this secret earlier? (you can thank me later!)

Related Questions!

Now that you know how to make black coffee let’s delve deeper and find out about black coffee benefits and disadvantages, and other common questions related to it.

Black Coffee For Weight Loss – Yes or No? 

Black Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which decelerates the production of glucose in the body. Only chlorogenic acid in black coffee is not responsible for weight loss, but the antioxidants present in it play an equal role in losing weight. Consuming one to two cups of black coffee boosts metabolism and burns around 100 calories a day.

Additionally, it decreases the extra amount of water in the body through urination. Here are other ways on how you can reduce weight without skipping meals.

What is the Best Time To Drink Black Coffee?

Like coconut water can be consumed any time of the day, black coffee too tastes delicious anytime. However, it is recommended to drink black coffee during morning hours before 10 a.m, if you are on the weight loss regime, and in the evening before 5 p.m. But before you make up your mind to lose weight, make sure that you are aware of these weight loss myths that should not be believed, unfortunately, followed by all.

Can Black Coffee Cause Acne?

While some people believe that coffee, either a regular one or black might cause acne, others find it as a myth. Coffee doesn’t cause acne, but consuming excessive amounts of coffee overloaded with sugar and milk, could make your acne worse.

Don’t worry if you are a coffee addict, a slight variation in the ingredients while preparing coffee could save you from pimples.

  1. Do not add sugar syrups, instead go for a sweetener to add in the coffee. 
  2. Avoid using cow milk and use almond or coconut milk to prevent acne.
  3. If you are not a donut fan, then skip enjoying donuts that are paired with coffee.

How Black Coffee is Good For You? Read Black Coffee Benefits That Not Every Coffee Lover Knows

  1. It Enhances Cardiovascular Health
    According to studies, regular consumption of black coffee minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Besides this, it reduces inflammation in the body. 
  2. Best Beverage for Liver
    The Liver is an important organ of the body that carries several functions. Consumption of black coffee is associated with the prevention of cancer and alcoholic cirrhosis. 
  3. Improves Energy Levels and is Rich in Antioxidants
    It contains strong antioxidants like vitamin B2, B5, Potassium, and more. It blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain and improves energy levels.

Thank you for reading it till the end. In case you forgot how to make Black coffee, then here’s a quick recap. 

How often do you drink black coffee and how it benefited you. Would you like to share your coffee recommendations with me? Drop your comments below. 

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