9 Common Lies You Hear From the Biggest LIARS (Check Your Score out of 50)

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Let’s agree! We all are big liars. Now and then, we say something that is a lie and involves planning. How many times have you mailed about your fake sickness for not being available on that particular day for office? Maybe Twice? (OKaY! I am considering it as the biggest lie) 

Another common lie that everyone tells is ‘I am almost there’. You know you have a half-hour left to reach the destination, but still, you hide the truth. Not ONE, there are over 50 common lies that people tell every day. I am not an exception, I mostly tell that my phone was kept on charging when I want to ignore someone’s message or call. Do you also do this? Let’s check a few more lies that people tell in their daily routine. (You would find them relatable if you are a big LIAR). 

9 Common Lies That People Tell in Everyday Routine #5 is RELATABLE

1. I am Not Drunk – 0-5 points

People usually don’t like to be tagged as a drunker. Have you ever managed to convince your partner about this fact? Do you know according to studies, a common behavior of an alcoholic person is lying? They lie to preserve their addiction and to avoid confrontation. So, better you don’t feel that you are intelligent and succeeded in convincing your better half.

2. Nothing, I am Fine – 0-6 points

Do you have one person who understands you better than yourself? Yes, then you are so lucky to have him or her. Because most of the people say, they are fine even when they are not and dealing with life problems.

I am sure once in a lifetime, you also have done this. Do you know over 40% of respondents say that ‘I am fine’ is their favorite lie? While some people think their problem is not worth discussing and they would get over it anytime soon. Others think they are not ready to talk about it. Whatever the reason is, ‘I am Fine’ is a serious lie that shouldn’t be avoided. It is usually said by the person, who is dealing with depression. If you are also the one struggling with it, then here are ways to overcome depression.

3. Relationship Status – Single/ Taken/Complicated – 0-2 points


Don’t tell me that you have never done this! Most people tell lie that they are single, even when they are in a relationship. Don’t take it seriously, but they usually tell this when they have entered into a relationship recently and get attracted to another girl/boy. Would you mind it If I ask what’s your status – are you single and ready to mingle or taken? 

4. Wow! This is Delicious – 0-3 points

Raise your hands if you are married. Your partner is not a Masterchef, but what she cooks, you have to eat (do you have any other option?). The sandwich she made and served you is not that delicious, but you can’t say anything. Otherwise, your relationship would be in trouble. Did you score full in this? Yes? Your partner should know this. 

5. I Will Call You Back – 0-10 points

I Will Call You Back’. Really? Does that mean I am bored of talking to you? Actually! I am going to cut the call because I am no more interested in listening to your night outs and your next place for the vacay. TBH, I can score 50 alone for this point (lols). How many times have you done this?

6. I Love You – 0-5 points

I Love You is not special anymore. Falling deeply in love with someone is an amazing feeling. But when a person who truly loves someone gets trapped in a fake relationship, then it is the worst experience. Be honest and score yourself in this. 

7. I am Not Hungry and Still, You Taste From Someone’s Plate – 0-5 points

This usually happens when you are hanging out with your friends. Do you remember any incidence when you said you are not hungry, still you ate a half plate of maggie which your friend ordered? If you are hungry, then go and get your plate! 

8. I Can’t Hear You – 0-8 points

What do you do when you want to avoid that person’s call? You have picked the call, but you are no more interested in listening to their gossips and even cut the call. Blocking their numbers is the best thing that you can do to avoid them. 

9. I Love My Job – Really?  – 0-6 points

I Love my job is another one of the most common lies that every next person you meet would say. Oh common, unless you are earning in crores it is unbelievable. Can you honestly say that you love doing work 9 to 5? 

Final Words

So, if someone tells you any of these lies, then you better understand that he/she is hiding the truth. Coming back to the point, have you ever said any of these lies? Scan yourself and accept that you are not an exception. Be honest and rate yourself out of 50 based on the above points. Do you know other common lies that people tell to hide the reality? If so, then drop your comments below.

PS – If you score above 40, then you are the biggest liar. It’s a PROUD Moment! (Don’t you think you deserve a trophy?)

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