How to Increase Height? Here are 6 Effective Tips to Follow

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Wondering! What could be the simple way to increase height?  It is noticed that teenagers are eager to grow taller. Indeed! Several factors, like genes or hormones, decide on height, but is it possible to grow taller early? No one can assure you of this, but following a proper lifestyle could make a difference. 

Let’s understand the factors that might make a difference to your height.

Factors That Could Decide on How to Increase Height in 30 Days!

1. Adequate Sunlight

Sunlight is an excellent source of Vitamin D. You won’t believe it, but Sunlight is essential to grow taller. Early morning and evening sunlight helps get adequate Vitamin D, which helps grow bones.

2. Healthy Diet

A proper diet and a required amount of vitamins and protein help increase height at different life stages. Good health is good wealth. A healthy diet contains proper protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fibres, calcium, and fats. 

Even if you are eating 3 times a day, ensure you take proper foods that help increase your height. There are certain foods for height growth that, if consumed in proper quantities, can increase your height.

3. Exercise & Yoga

Exercise is the fastest way to increase height. A few exercises, like skipping, stretching, swimming, etc, are the best to increase height. The first thing you should do after you wake up is stretch. Begin with tadasana, do swimming, and follow with other exercises. Breaststroke swimming is the fastest way to increase your height while swimming.

Furthermore, yoga not only helps increase height but also helps with meditation and calms your body. Yoga asanas like Surya Namaskar, Trikonasana, Ujjayi Pranayama, and Sarvang Asana can help increase height.

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4. Good Sleep to Grow Taller

Yes, you read it right: sleeping helps you grow in height. Children need at least 8-10 hours, while adults need 7-8 hours of adequate sleep for their bodies to recover. Do you know our sleeping posture also helps in increasing height? During sleep, the body releases a secret growth hormone that helps increase height.

5. Drink Lots of Water

Water always plays a significant role in increasing height naturally. Drink a minimum of 1.5Liters – 2Liters of water daily to see the difference. Water helps kick out unwanted toxins and helps the digestive system, which eventually helps digest the required nutrients for the body. The cleansing of the internal system promotes metabolism, which directly impacts height.

6. Avoid Smoking and Growth Inhibitors

Besides exercising and sound sleep, several things should be avoided to hinder the growth of hormones. You might have searched for several growth inhibitors or asked for medication to grow height, but you know these products contain harmful ingredients that might affect your health and show side effects. It is recommended to avoid smoking, drinking, and intake of steroids for better health results.


Next time, if you search for ways to increase height, try these tips and see the difference in a month. Do you know other ways to increase height? Share your views below. 

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  2. I still think it’s a genetic factor.

    In as much as there other environmental factors that can hinder a child’s growth. Nonetheless, I believe at some point with a healthy lifestyle you can still reach your potential.

    Good tips though 🙏🏽

  3. Hello Mayuri! 🌟

    Your blog is a beacon of insight for those eager to add inches. While genes and hormones play their part, your lifestyle can indeed make a difference. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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